David Harriott Profile

David Harriott the Founder & CEO at Platinum No.8 Events represents major premium brands, corporations and Ultra High Net Worth Clients for luxury products and brands globally. We arrange specific profiling regarding a boutique events service. The “profiling meeting” allows us to get a clear indication of your exact target audience to create a bespoke tailored event which will create direct traction to your brand. Platinum No.8 offers a very broad and specialised service with direct access to affluent Ultra High Net Worth Clients. This allows us to tailor the guests invited to your specific products and requirements. There are no agencies or PR companies profiling and mirroring luxury brands with specific targeted Clients in this format, this is bespoke and very unique service.

David Harriott the CEO & Founder at Platinum No.8 represents ‘Ultra High Net Worth’ buyers and sellers of the most luxurious properties globally. David is highly experienced in achieving the requirements of the most demanding buyers and sellers in the World. David has built a very strong rapport between his Clients, so much so that they have become close friends as well as Clients. Over a ‘twenty year’ period he has established an invaluable black book of the most influential Clients. He has now become the trusted adviser for the top 1% of property associates globally.

David Harriott also facilitates an exclusive off-market virtual private members club, that provides personal introductions and direct traction to High Net Worth Clients through an extensive black book and data base which includes access to exclusive closed private events, that you cannot get access to unless you are a member. It is strictly by invitation only… outside of tight circles no one knows how you are invited to become a member.

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